Reproductive Freedom
Women’s reproductive health care decisions should be made between a woman and her doctor- not Tallahassee politicians. Laws attacking a woman’s right to do what she wants with her own body have no place in our state.
Gun Violence Prevention
Gun violence affects Floridians of every background. I believe in common sense gun violence prevention measures including background checks, an assault weapons ban, concealed carry permits, and firearm safety courses to address the gun violence epidemic in Florida and across the country. In the wake of the Parkland shooting, we were able to take some positive steps forward on gun violence. We need to protect that progress and build on it so a tragedy like Parkland never ravages our community again.
Property Insurance
While extremist politicians in Tallahassee focus on culture wars, they have let Florida’s property insurance crisis spiral out of control. Floridians pay the highest property insurance rates in the country. We need to get creative to attract insurers back to the state, lower the cost of housing, and address this man-made crisis. I will always fight to put Floridians, not corporations, first.
Fighting Extremism
While Floridians are being crushed by the rising cost of living, an affordable housing crisis, and inflation, extremist politicians in Tallahassee have chosen to spend their time spreading misinformation and igniting culture wars. As a consumer protection lawyer, I want to spend time working to lower costs, not thinking of which books to ban. And I am going to fight to protect our LGBTQ community, expand voting access, and defend our democracy along the way.
Lowering Costs
We’re all feeling the rising cost of living in Florida. There's so much our legislature can do to bring down the costs of everyday things like prescription drugs, health care premiums, and energy bills. I’ll work day and night to help grow our economy, strengthen our supply chains, and crack down on junk fees and hidden costs. That means some more breathing room for people who need it the most.
Crime & Safety
People deserve to feel safe in their communities. That’s why we need more resources for first responders, community safety groups, and other professionals to properly address violent crime, mental health crises, and substance abuse. We also need to invest in our communities with better housing, education, job training, and infrastructure like street lights in high-crime areas. That way, we can help prevent violence in the first place.
Environmental Protection
As a consumer advocate, I went after corporations that made false and misleading claims about water quality and environmental impacts. I believe our natural environment is one of our greatest assets and we have an obligation to protect it. As a member of the Legislature, I will work to keep our water clean and our beaches beautiful.
Technology & Artificial Intelligence
Florida should lead the way on public investment in alternative proteins and other technologies that will protect our environment, public health, and national security. As an Artificial Intelligence Policy Fellow at Florida Atlantic University, I understand the importance of ensuring that potentially transformative technologies like AI are proactively addressed.
Animal Welfare
From puppies to piglets, I will work tirelessly to protect animals from abuse. I have filed countless lawsuits against cruel factory farming companies and will keep up the fight against animal cruelty as a member of the Legislature.